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Winter berry

The wild raspberries was quite small last year, probably due to a cold summer. When autumn arrived some of the berries still was clinging on to the branch on the raspberry bush and they still was during the winter. I can´t actually decide if I find the dead and dried out berries beautiful or just nothing to catch your eye. Anyway I captured it and turned the photo black and white and found it quite decorative.

Bringebær - vinter



Soon spring will arrive. The snow is slowly melting away, but still it is too much snow for spring flowers to blossom. This Easter we have had a lot of sunny days but it has been too cold for snow to melt, so I have to wait a little bit longer to go hunting for green leaves to pop or little spring flowers to grow. Well, the forest still have some beautiful dried leaf shivering in the sun to offer to a macro nerd. I am fascinated by the shapes and lines as they are curled up and all dried out. The sun shines so beautifully through the leaves and give them warm colors even though they are cold and quite dead.

Løv 2

Tiny ice sculptures

Now that the snow finally is melting and spring slowly takes over I have been hunting for little macro treasures in the forest. What I found was small ice sculptures making beautiful shapes as the snow melts.

Isskulptur 2Isskulptur


The snow keeps falling, there are no sign of spring yet. So while I am waiting for spring to arrive I tried photographing some snowflakes.  🙂

Snøflak 1Snøflak 2Snøflak 4


Underneath the beautiful snow lies the secret of spring, the secret of life.

Skygger i snøen2

Black and white

Winter is still going strong and it is snowing almost every day now. The whole world outside is just black and white. Will it ever be spring?

Fern B&W

Sunny afternoon

Finally the sun showed up. I went out in the afternoon before the sun was about to set, to see if I could find some little treasures in the forest. The sun showed me a little diamond as I passed by a little bush. And as I love cones from the alder tree I had to take some photo´s when I found a little branch with alder cones in the snow.

Hopefully there will be more sunny days in February.

Frossen dråpe på kvistOr kongler

Goodbye January

Today is the last day of January and I have already started waiting for spring to arrive. Outside it is snowing heavily and there are no signs for spring what so ever….The whole world is monochrome grayish…oh I long for something green…..

Hengende blader


Being an amateur photographer I take a lot of photos which has no quality what so ever, so sometimes it is necessary to tidy up in the Lightroom archive. There is no need to save photographs which cannot be used for anything and raw files do take a lot of storage. Going thorough all these photos (well I just finished march 2017) I did find some photos that actually was quite OK. Todays theme are droplets, seems to be a favorite of mine together with mushrooms and leaves.

Dråpe 1

Droplet on naked branch (winter 2017).

Dråpe 3

Droplet on moss (winter 2017), can you see the apartment building inside the droplet?

Dråpe 2

Droplet on leaf (early spring 2017).

For 2018 I probably should try not to photograph so many droplets….or…. We´ll see 😉

Have a lovely week!

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