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Balconies in black and white

Balkonger i kveldssol
Balconies at Sinsen in Oslo (Norway)

Color hunting

Winter in Norway can be somewhat colorless because the days are quite short (the sun is up just a few hours) and the weather can be quite grey. The snow are covering up potential targets for a macro photographer. But sometimes if you take your time to observe your surroundings you can find something unexpected.

Kjuke m dråpe
Droplet hanging from a sort of fungus on a tree log
We passed through a garden of apple trees, some apples still looked fresh

Winter shots (from the archive).

The past weeks I have been going through all my photos in the Lightroom archive. It was time to clean up and remove some of the photos. Some of the photos got a new edition and I edited some of them for the first time. As time goes by you see new possibilities in some of the photos. So todays post are some winter shots from last winter (January 2017).

Frosted nail ed. 2
New edition
Furu kvist m rim
Frozen pine
Ice skating


Spring flowers – again

Last week I posted pictures of anemone hepatica and snowdrop. Well, I am sorry but this is the content of todays post too. But they are much better pictures than those two of last week so I hope it is OK anyway 😉 The hepatica buds from last week is now in full bloom and looks so pretty. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Blåveis 2snøklokke

I think they are so beautiful, but I promise to post something different next week 🙂 Have a lovely week!

The light is back

Finally the light seems to be back for a while. So this weekend it was fun being outdoors with my dog and my camera again.

I love taking close ups of little things with the environment faded in the background and to day it was enough light to do that again. So I found some cones and placed them on a rock with green moss on the top and started shooting. I am very pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy it too.

Have a lovely week!


Just by luck

I took some pictures of the wood violet (Violeta odorata) today, they were so beautyful turning their heads up to towards the sun. When I came home and transferred the new pictures to my computer I saw that there was a plant lice climbing on the stem. Sometimes there are more in the pictures than you expect 🙂



Little beauty

The flower of the european Blueberry

Extended weekend

It is nice to have some time of, especially after the long dark winter and a rather cool spring. This week I spent four days at home relaxing and just doing nice things. These four days gave us a taste of summer and we have enjoyed it to the fullest.

Today we spent a couple of hours in the Botanical Garden at Tøyen in Oslo where the fruit trees was blossoming.

The beautyful Magnolia also were in full Bloom.


Between the spring flowers and blossoming trees there also are some wonderful sculptures.

Sculptures of seeds.


I am not very fond of the winter season so I was quite happy about the weather getting warmer and the trees have green buds and leaves, flowers did start blooming in the forest and in the garden. But the last two days mr Winter came on a little visit again. When I woke up yesterday morning the forest was all white again. Well, as much as i “hate” winter, snow is beautyful, so I went out with my camera to take some pictures before the snow melted again.

Snowy narsiss
Melting snow
Wood anemone with melting snow

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