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By the sea

A greyish and foggy sunday by the Oslo fjord in Asker (Leangbukta).



China dreams

11 years ago we adopted our youngest daughter from China. We spent 14 days in China for paperwork and formalities before we could take her home to Norway. Since she was about three years old she use to say that she would travel to China when we asked where she would like spend her summer holidays. Two years ago we finally travelled to China for our summer holidays. We spent two weeks in Shanghai, Beijing and Mutianyu (here we rented a house). I wish to go back some day 🙂 Here are a few of my favourite Pictures from that trip.


Sunny sunday

The sun was inviting us out for a walk by the seaside to day. My plan was to take a lot of Pictures. But I got heavy migraine and Lars had to go to get the car and drive me home. I then spent a few hours in bed sleeping in stead of praising the sun. So, that’s life.

Here’s one of the pictures I shot to day.

A sunny day at Spira bukta (the Oslo fjord)

Sunday walk

Sunday walk

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