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Mini trip to Amsterdam

I loved Amsterdam. It is a wonderful city and it is perfect for me because I am not very fond of going to different museums and other tourist attractions. My favorite thing to do is walking around and watch everyday life, relaxing on a little cafe and admire the architecture. Her are a few pictures from my mini trip to Amsterdam.

Tulipaner 1Navn på bruLekker sykkelKanal m båter og husHverdagslivHusrekkerHusfasade 1Due i parken

Amsterdam – bicycle

Visiting Amsterdam was fun. In Norway people use their bike for training and they have new fancy bikes. In Amsterdam the bikes are used for transportation and the bikes look quite old fashioned and they are so cool. The bikes are like jewelry and creates aesthetic scenes in the city.

Sykkel m kurv

Have a nice week!



Last weekend at Ble (up in the Norwegian mountains) the winter was just around the corner. Small ponds was almost frozen and some was frozen all over.

Ice and bubbles
Frozen leafs of waterlilys



Lofoten is an adventure. The landscapes with high mountains all around and deep valleys with small fisher villages. I’ve been there some years ago and I will return, for sure.

Vegaøyan – The Vega archipelago

We have been to the Vega islands on holiday a several times. My husband is born there but this is not the only reason why we like to spend time there. The island is very beautyful with beautyful beaches, landscapes and some small mountains tops too (about 700 m). It is also listed on the Unesco World Heritage List. This summer we spent a week in Our family cabin on the island. Beeing in a beautyful place one must take som pictures and here are some:

Visiting Trondheim

This summer we went on a trip to Northern Norway and Lofoten. The first stop was Trondheim. The photos shows old (restored) and new storehouses by the river  Nidelven in the city of Trondheim. The red storehouse on the picture to the left is the same storehouse as shown in the picture to the right.

Trondheim is a beautyful city and the storehouses (new and restored side by side) on both sides of the river Nidelven is a great place for photgraphers.

Later I will post more pictures from some of the different places we visited on our summer trip to Lofoten.

Mountain trip

The pictures below are from my trip with Ellen and our dogs to her cabin at Blefjell (Norway) this weekend.


China dreams

11 years ago we adopted our youngest daughter from China. We spent 14 days in China for paperwork and formalities before we could take her home to Norway. Since she was about three years old she use to say that she would travel to China when we asked where she would like spend her summer holidays. Two years ago we finally travelled to China for our summer holidays. We spent two weeks in Shanghai, Beijing and Mutianyu (here we rented a house). I wish to go back some day 🙂 Here are a few of my favourite Pictures from that trip.


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