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A day in Lillomarka

Last sunday morning I went to Oslo and Solemskogen for a hike in Lillomarka with my friend Rachmilla. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. Actually a little to bright for photographers but we went on a photo safari anyway.

Rachmilla looking for something to capture (shot with my iPhone 7+)

We passed some small ponds with water lillys and dragonflies swirling around. Too difficult to shoot the dragonflies, I tried for a while but they cannot stand still long enough ;-).

I spent some times photographing little spiders on flowers in stead. Fascinating. I accidentally watched as one of the spiders killed an other insect. A bit scary, but off course spiders need  food too.

Edderkopp i Lillomarka
Spider hunting from a moorland spotted orchid.

It was a lovely hike in the woods. Hopefully I will go back another time soon for more interesting objects to photograph. Hopefully a day just after the rain has stopped or maybe a foggy morning in September? We´ll see….




Oslo Operahouse is a popular place to visit for tourists so it is almost always crowded with people. I went there on saturday to try to shoot some photos for a photo challenge, the theme was “The color White”. The opera house in Oslo is a white building, so I went to take some architecture shots. I felt quite lucky when this lovely couple passed me on the roof, she in a white dress and a lovely hat. I followed them for a little while (on a distance of course) and took some shots. Todays post is the one shot that I think was the best one.

Par på Operataket

Balconies in black and white

Balkonger i kveldssol
Balconies at Sinsen in Oslo (Norway)

Photo stroll – benches

Yesterday we visited friends in Fredrikstad. We went to the old town to look at the christmas market and just enjoy the environment. I just fell for some benches by the river. This is a part of my idea of learn to do something different than macro photography 😉

Hope you enjoy!

Benker i Gamlebyen 2Benker i Gamlebyen



This autumn I have attended a photo class to learn more and hopefully be more skilled as a photographer.

Todays post contain two of the home-work-photos from the course.

I have a favorite spot nearby were I like to take my dog for a walk and sometimes I will take some photos too. The theme for these two photos are “Morning time” and “Selfportrait”.

The self-portrait of me and my dog are captured by the use of a remote control.

Morgen på Hvalstrand
Morgenstund på Hvalstrand
Selfportrait of me and my dog

Winter holiday

Our girls had a week off this week, winter holiday at school, and we spent to days together. The winter weather was sparkling so it felt right to spend some times out doors. We went to Oslo just to be tourists in our own city and I tested if I could use my iPhone 7+ as a light camera when traveling. So today there are a mix of Nikon D7000 and iPhone 7+ photos in the post. I think they both work out just fine.

The other day we went for a walk along the coast line (Oslo fjord) and the light was so beautiful when we reached Sjøstrand.

Barcode in Oslo (iPhone 7+)
Detail from Barcode (iPhone 7+)
Wonderful light at Sjøstrand (NikonD7000)

Snow – winter is on a visit

This weekend we got a lot of snow here in Asker. It is a bit early compared to the last years. So I don´t think the snow will last for more than a few days, it will melt and november rain will take over. I am not very fond of winter but snow is much better than rainy and dark november days. We´ll see what it will be.

Todays photo is of lingonberries from Ble a few weeks ago when I was on a visit in the mountains (1000 m above sea level).

Have a nice day!



Last weekend at Ble (up in the Norwegian mountains) the winter was just around the corner. Small ponds was almost frozen and some was frozen all over.

Ice and bubbles
Frozen leafs of waterlilys


October snow

This weekend I went up to the mountain together with my friend Ellen and our two dogs. When we woke up on saturday it was snowing. So winter is just around the corner.

Here´s a picture from my saturday morning walk. I will present more pictures from my mountain trip in the coming days 🙂


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