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Afternoon walk

The weather was so bright and warm so before diner I went for a little walk with my dog, Charlie. I brought the camera because the afternoon sun can give some interesting light for macro photography. I did find a few little treasures.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Fiol m edderkopp
Wood violet (Viola odorata) with a little spider
Mini bregne
Little fern

Happy Easter Holiday

To days post consists of a few pictures i took in the woodlands today when I was out walking my dog in the rain. Just enjoying some days off.

Spring is just beautiful!

Happy Easter holiday!



To days post has the color of spring: GREEN!

My favorite color is green. The emerald green droplet is a little forest treasure. The picture below the droplet is of lichen. Normally lichen has a light grayish green color but this one is actually white. I found it quite beautiful.

Dråpe i mose
Emerald of the forest
Lav i grønn mose 2
50 shades of green


I had a wonderful walk by the seaside this morning. I feel lucky living so close to the sea and to have so many possibilities for taking pictures of both the little treasures in the forest in addition to land- and seascapes. There will be no landscape pictures on the blog today, those I captured is not very presentable…. More practice needed 😉

On my walk I found some spring flowers, anemone hepatica (Hepatica nobilis) and snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). I think they are so beautiful and after a long dark winter and finally seeing some wild flowers again, it´s just so lovely. Hope you´ll find some beautiful flowers wherever you are! Have a lovely week!

Anemone hepatica – three in a row
Snowdrop by the sea



Close up


Mushrooms in november

This week passed by and I was still sick (migraine, I hate it). The doctor told me to stay home and relax and go for walks. So I did relax and forced myself outdoors for walks everyday of the week. The camera was on my shoulder and Charlie came along too. So the result was a lot of pictures even though I just went for walks in my neighborhood as I was too sick to go on more exciting places by car. It had to be simple. Well, the same walk for three days….I just had to be creative. Surprisingly new things appeared on each walk, and the weather was changing so every day gave a different light. Todays theme is mushrooms. There are still a lot of mushrooms even thoughh it is winter now (I have a few more I will post later).

Autumn leafs and a flower

Taking a walk with my dog Charlie in my neighbourhood  I will always bring my camera. I am not very fond of the wintertime because of all the darkness. Photography brings me so much joy so whenever I can I take the camera with me even on small walks. During the darkest winter there is not enough light for photography so I have to take a lot of pictures now and save them for editing during winter. Well, on some days I will take pictures during winter too but time with enough light is limited her in Norway in November to January 🙂

Here are some pictures from my neighborhood, shot the last week. Please enjoy! 🙂

Single leaf of birch
Droplets on a leaf
Red clover (Trifolium pratense)- Late bloomer (october)



I am not very fond of the winter season so I was quite happy about the weather getting warmer and the trees have green buds and leaves, flowers did start blooming in the forest and in the garden. But the last two days mr Winter came on a little visit again. When I woke up yesterday morning the forest was all white again. Well, as much as i “hate” winter, snow is beautyful, so I went out with my camera to take some pictures before the snow melted again.

Snowy narsiss
Melting snow
Wood anemone with melting snow

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