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Forest glow

Last Sunday My husband and I was out walking with some friends in the forest. I had my camera over my shoulder as usual. Taking photos and spend time with friends normally isn’t a very good idea, I spend much more time talking to my companions than watching my surroundings for items to “shoot”. But at one point I found a beam of light from the sun finding its way between the tree logs and hit a yellow leaf lying in the grass like a glowing jewel.

Wow, how I love to find such treasures.

Lysende blad


In my neighbourhood

Todays photos are from a short photo-walk in the little forest just outside my house a few days ago.

Have a lovely week!

Gaukesyre høst 2Gul valmue


The last few weeks I have been busy preparing for my youngest daughters confirmation day (church event followed by a family party). So my mind has been occupied with a lot of other stuff than photography. Well, now the party is over and I am almost back on track. I still find it difficult to be inspired to use my camera when I am out walking in the woods, as this summer was so warm and dry that the flowers, plants and trees has been quite dry. Brown leaves and fading flowers is not very inspiring. Now autumn is here and there has been some rain lately, so there are some mushrooms to be found. Not any edible ones, but they can be a target for my macro lens. So here are a couple of mushrooms, enjoy!

They are kind of pretty in their own way, don’t you think?

To sopper


Yellow waterlily

I love waterlilies, they are so beautiful and mysterious  as they grow in very deep water and can have stems up to two meters long. I have posted white waterlilies in earlier posts so today I give you a kind of an abstract photo of a yellow waterlily. The shot is from Lillomarka in Oslo.

Have a lovely week!

Gul vanlilje

In to the woods

This summer is a rather special one in Norway since we have had sunshine for almost two months now. We haven’t had any rain for these two months either. So walking in the forest is not as fun as i used to be, there are almost no flowers and the creeks are all dried out. So macro shoots of flowers can hardly be done this summer.

The forest is still kind of beautiful and the spruce is green all year.

Into the woods

Have a nice week!

Water lily

Todays photo is of a water lily growing in a little pond in Lillomarka in Oslo. I think they are so beautiful, floating on the surface of a mysterious black pond in the woodlands.

Waterlily Lillomarka

A day in Lillomarka

Last sunday morning I went to Oslo and Solemskogen for a hike in Lillomarka with my friend Rachmilla. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. Actually a little to bright for photographers but we went on a photo safari anyway.

Rachmilla looking for something to capture (shot with my iPhone 7+)

We passed some small ponds with water lillys and dragonflies swirling around. Too difficult to shoot the dragonflies, I tried for a while but they cannot stand still long enough ;-).

I spent some times photographing little spiders on flowers in stead. Fascinating. I accidentally watched as one of the spiders killed an other insect. A bit scary, but off course spiders need  food too.

Edderkopp i Lillomarka
Spider hunting from a moorland spotted orchid.

It was a lovely hike in the woods. Hopefully I will go back another time soon for more interesting objects to photograph. Hopefully a day just after the rain has stopped or maybe a foggy morning in September? We´ll see….


Visitors in the tree tops

Now that summer finally is on here in Norway I spend a lot of time outdoors on our balcony. The balcony is quite high up, in line with the tree tops in the forest just below our house. Relaxing outdoors I have watched two squirrels running up and down the tree log eating seed from pine cones and sometimes they really quarrel and chase each other around. Such speed and artistic movements in the tree tops, fun to watch. I captured one of the two little rascals the other day!


Trollius europaeus

A sunday walk through the woods is always exciting when summer is on. Todays walk was a new path for us and it went through an area with different kinds of vegetation. I found a flower which I haven’t seen in a while, Trollius europaeus (norwegian ballblom). I think it is so beautiful and it reminds me of my wedding because I picked some of them and placed them in the church were our wedding took place.

Enjoy this beautiful flower!

Ballblom m insekt

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