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Wednesday post

I have just bought my self a new camera. It is a Nikon D7500, in some ways it is exactly as the one I use to have but a much newer version. Anyway I need some time to get used to the new camera so I am in a test period now. In addition the weather these days are not suited for macro photography, too much wind and the forest is quite dry. So I found a flower photo from May for todays post! Hopefully I will bring you some new and improved photos in later posts 😉

Gaukesyre m bokeh
Wood sorrel

Sunny weekend at Ble (Norway)

Two weeks ago I went with my friend Ellen to our regular spring weekend trip to Ellens cabin at Ble. We knew the weather would be fine and warm after seeing the forecast but the weather was much better than expected. Temperatures at 28 C  and sun all day for three days is not normal in the norwegian mountains. We had a lovely summer weekend and spent almost every hour outdoors photographing and hiking with our dogs.

Have a lovely week!

BlÄbÊrblomst Ble
Blueberry flower
Multe blomst
Cloudberry flower
Qeen Eri
Ellens beautiful Queen Eri
Charlie pÄ Ble 2018 vÄr
My little happy rascal, Charlie Brown



I was out with my dog, Charlie Brown, and my camera looking for young ferns to take some macro shots. I think the shape of these young ferns are so beautiful. During the photo shoot I saw something on the side of the fern. It was too small to see if it was a seed or a little insect so i focused on it to capture it so I could find out what it was later. Well I got my shots with this “thing” in focus and I am still puzzled because I can not seem to find out what it really is. Maybe you know? If you think you have a clue, please send me a comment!

I wish you all a lovely week end!

2 Fern and.jpg

Viola tricolor

Summer is moving closer. I love when all the colorful summer flowers shows up in my environment. Here’s a little beauty for you!

Natt og dag

Rain in May

I went for a walk in the forest after a rain shower the other day, hoping to find some flowers or moss with droplets (I just love droplets). The wood sorrel was in bloom and was a natural target for  a photo shoot.

Have a lovely week!

Gaukesyre 3Gaukesyre m drÄper

Wood anemone

May is almost summer and the forest is turning green and flowers pops up everywhere. I love May and the beginning of summer. Todays photo is a close up of a wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa). I keep on chasing the light and I think photo has become a bit more fun when I have found my kind of mission!

Have a nice and warm week!



Sunset in the forest

A photographer I admire have named all his posts on instagram “Conversation with the light”, I kind of like it. It says a lot of what you should do as a photographer. Earlier I didn’t pay too much attention to the light, I was more focused on the subject. After taking some photography classes this winter I have learned that how you use the light when you shoot can add more liveliness to the photo and makes it more interesting. I think I am constantly in a learning process (in a positive way. If you stop achieving new knowledge, life can become quite boring, I think).

Today I focused on the light before I found my subject. I think I am on my way to something.

GrÞnn skogbunnplanteSol pÄ stubben

My favorite spring flower

Finally spring is here 🙂

I remember when I was a kid my friends and I went out in the forest to pick Anemone hepatica (liver leaf) in small baskets. We had some biscuits and juice in our little back packs and after picking flowers for a little while, we had a picnic amongst all the blue and white flowers. Sweet childhood memories 🙂

Now I don’t pick them, I just take some shots with my camera and make, hopefully, beautiful pictures of them. I hope you enjoy the two photos of my favorite spring flower.

Have a nice week!

BlÄveis 2BlÄveis 1 red


The mushrooms on the photo in todays post groves on a tree in the forest in my neighbourhood. The tree where the mushrooms grow are dead, but every November these mushrooms flourish on the dead tree log. Together with the dark green moss I think this is a beautiful sight. Hope you enjoy it too.

Have a nice week!

Sopp mĂžnster


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