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The last few weeks I have been busy preparing for my youngest daughters confirmation day (church event followed by a family party). So my mind has been occupied with a lot of other stuff than photography. Well, now the party is over and I am almost back on track. I still find it difficult to be inspired to use my camera when I am out walking in the woods, as this summer was so warm and dry that the flowers, plants and trees has been quite dry. Brown leaves and fading flowers is not very inspiring. Now autumn is here and there has been some rain lately, so there are some mushrooms to be found. Not any edible ones, but they can be a target for my macro lens. So here are a couple of mushrooms, enjoy!

They are kind of pretty in their own way, don’t you think?

To sopper




The mushrooms on the photo in todays post groves on a tree in the forest in my neighbourhood. The tree where the mushrooms grow are dead, but every November these mushrooms flourish on the dead tree log. Together with the dark green moss I think this is a beautiful sight. Hope you enjoy it too.

Have a nice week!

Sopp mønster


Mushrooms again

I never get tired of photographing mushrooms in the fairytaleforest.

Brun sopp 2Brun sopp


Blue-green mushroomPurple mushroomSopp i sol

Spring took a break

This Easter was rather cold and the weather certainly did not give the expected feeling of spring. Spring took a break and winter came on a visit.

Yesterday we went for a walk in the forest and it was snowing. It was a nice walk and we got the feeling of Christmas 😉

The spruce trees a long the path was all dressed up with ice taps and walking a long a little creek I found a tiny mushroom almost covered in snow.

IstapperSopp i snøen

Well now the Easter holidays are over and tomorrow it is back to work.

Have a lovely week!


Christmas Holiday

My plan was off course to post some photos of the snow covered leafs, trees and maybe some frozen moss or mushrooms. Well there didn’t come any Christmas snow this year. And I came up with a cold so I haven´t been out photographing either. So I found some other pictures, from November and December, of motifs I love to photograph: mushrooms, droplets and moss. Hopefully there will be some winter pictures later. Keep on enjoying your hollidays!



Mushrooms in november

This week passed by and I was still sick (migraine, I hate it). The doctor told me to stay home and relax and go for walks. So I did relax and forced myself outdoors for walks everyday of the week. The camera was on my shoulder and Charlie came along too. So the result was a lot of pictures even though I just went for walks in my neighborhood as I was too sick to go on more exciting places by car. It had to be simple. Well, the same walk for three days….I just had to be creative. Surprisingly new things appeared on each walk, and the weather was changing so every day gave a different light. Todays theme is mushrooms. There are still a lot of mushrooms even thoughh it is winter now (I have a few more I will post later).

Mushroom hunting

Yesterday I went in to the woods with my friend Gro for a mushroom hunt. We found a lot of beautiful mushrooms.


Autumn is a nice time of the year, the air is cooler, the sky is bluer and soon the forest leafs goes from green to yellow, orange and red. It’s like natures own fireworks before winter and darkness take over for a while.

Autumn is also the time for harvest and the light is perfect for photography.

Mushroms in bright colours. Some of them knows the art of hiding 😉

Autumn feeling.

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