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A trip to Lofoten islands – Heningsvær

Henningsvær is a little fishing village about half an hours car drive from Svolvær. A lot of tourists visit this little village to watch the typical fishing village architecture.

Henningsvær 2
Henningsvær – a traditional fishing village
Henningsvær 3
Sea house just outside Henningsvær
Henningsvær 4
A cosy corner of Henningsvær

By the sea (Stavern, southern Norway)

The last week I spent in Stavern, together with my family. This is a beautiful little town by the Oslofjord. In the summer the little town are packed with tourists, some of them arrives by sailboat from Denmark, Germany and Holland. Mostly the town are packed with Norwegians who has their summer houses in the area.

I decided to try to photograph my surroundings on this trip. I also decided I should try some long exposure shots.

I hope you enjoy my experiments.

Båter i Stavern 2
Boats in the sunset with moon
Mølen LE
Mølen (long exposure)
Stavern LE
Stavern (long exposure)


Something different

I love macro photography but today I found out I had to post something different on the blog. Can´t keep you bored with my macro mania every week. Well, that doesn´t actually mean I didn’t´t take any close ups today, because I couldn’t let any chance of frosty leaves and little droplets pass by when walking the shore of the Oslo fjord 😉

When taking a walk at the Vollen beach there are boats and som maritime details which can be inspiring too. And today was a very foggy day so the colors popped as I passed by different maritime objects. I like colors almost as much as I like macro photography so todays theme are colors.

Have a nice and colorful week!


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