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St Paul en Foret

The summer house we rented this summer was just outside a little french village named St Paul en Foret. One day we went for a walk to visit this little village. Some of the houses looked quite old and the photos in todays post are from this little walk. I fell in love with some of the details on and around these houses.

Dør St Paul en Foret
Old door
Detalj St Paul en Foret
Leaves on old wood
Hjertedør St Paul en Foret
Door with a heart

Happy Easter Holiday

To days post consists of a few pictures i took in the woodlands today when I was out walking my dog in the rain. Just enjoying some days off.

Spring is just beautiful!

Happy Easter holiday!


Sparkling frost

The last weeks has been quite boring when it comes to photography. Every day has been foggy and grey. In Norway this means that there is hardly any proper light for photography. So todays picture had to be found in my archives. The image is from december on a frosty and sunny day. I hope you don´t get too bored by all my photographs of leafs but I simply love when the sun shines through the leaf so you can see the patterns in the little leaf. This one is extra pretty because of the sparkling frost on the leafs edges.

Have a nice week 🙂



At the moment I am working on a photo challenge I find quite difficult: LANDSCAPE….

Well, there are no problem to find a beautiful landscape but my challenge is to make it interesting… I have taken a lot of images but I am not sure if I am finished yet. Today I went to Vollen to practice. Not an easy task since it was a very foggy day. Maybe some of the photos are OK but I need to take a closer look and do some editing…

Meanwhile, todays post are three pictures from late autumn and early winter. I hope you enjoy them and probably I will post some landscapes later 😉

Have a nice week!

Dried flower
Fading maple leaf
Frosted rowan leaf


Close up


Color bomb

Photo challenge is fun and it forces you to think out of the box and it also makes you improve as a photographer. I love macro photography and this challenge came when the nature was dressed in it´s most beautiful colors, so I tried to take colorful macro pictures of leafs. Here are some examples:

When this challenge was on I went up in the mountains at Ble with my friend Ellen, I hoped for some beautiful autumn colors. Well, on saturday morning we woke up and it was snowing outside. But I found some color bombs anyway, vibrant red lingonberries with snow (the same picture as the one I posted last week in “Snow – winter is on a visit”). To make the berries act more like a “bomb” of color I removed any color in the picture except red (in Lightroom). Here´s the result:


Next months challenge is “bokeh” and at this moment I have no idea how to solve that challenge yet 🙂


Just outside my house

I have been sick for a few days and lying on the couch relaxing is OK but after two days it gets boring. Actually boring is a good thing, it means you are getting better. So this friday when I woke up late in the morning, sleeping of the headache, I found the sun was shining. I just had to get out with my camera. Luckily I didn´t have to go so very far. Just outside my door a lot of red leafs was ready to be photographed 😉



Autumn leafs and a flower

Taking a walk with my dog Charlie in my neighbourhood  I will always bring my camera. I am not very fond of the wintertime because of all the darkness. Photography brings me so much joy so whenever I can I take the camera with me even on small walks. During the darkest winter there is not enough light for photography so I have to take a lot of pictures now and save them for editing during winter. Well, on some days I will take pictures during winter too but time with enough light is limited her in Norway in November to January 🙂

Here are some pictures from my neighborhood, shot the last week. Please enjoy! 🙂

Single leaf of birch
Droplets on a leaf
Red clover (Trifolium pratense)- Late bloomer (october)


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