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This autumn I have attended a photo class to learn more and hopefully be more skilled as a photographer.

Todays post contain two of the home-work-photos from the course.

I have a favorite spot nearby were I like to take my dog for a walk and sometimes I will take some photos too. The theme for these two photos are “Morning time” and “Selfportrait”.

The self-portrait of me and my dog are captured by the use of a remote control.

Morgen på Hvalstrand
Morgenstund på Hvalstrand
Selfportrait of me and my dog

Garden frogs

When we stayed at the french summerhouse we rented in St Paul en Foret we heard some strange noises. We thought it could be some big bird or something in one of the neighbor houses. Well, after a few days we found out that there were some frogs in the garden pond. These frogs was a natural target for my new 300 mm Nikkor lens the next days ;-). Enjoy some photos of frogs!

Frosk 6
Looking at you
Frosk 7
Resting or hunting?
Frosk 1
Who are you?.
Frosk 2
Frosk 5

Seillans – a little village in Provence

Seillans is a beautiful village in Provence about an hour drive from Grasse. The little village is a nice place for a photo safari. A lot of stone houses, narrow streets and a church from the 12th century. There are also two good restaurants worth a visit; Chez Hugo and La Glorie de mon Pere. Both restaurants have  very good food.

Here are some photos from my visit to Seillans:

Bymiljø i Seillans
Stone houses in Seillans
Smug i Seillans_
Narrow stairs
Seillans 2
Narrow streets
Dør i Seillans_
Old door, Seillans
Blomsterpotter i Seillans
Restaurant i Seillans_
Restaurant La Glorie mon Pere
Katt v Chez Hugo i Seillans 2
Cat portrait
Katt v Chez Hugo i Seillans
At Chez Hugo

Beautiful bugs (Jardin le Chesnaie)

In the french garden (Garden le Chesnaie, St Paul en Foret, France) there were a lot of flowers and were there are flowers there are also bugs, in this case two quite different bugs but very beautiful.

Grønt insekt 2

Sadly I do not know the names of these two beautiful green bugs.

Insekt m følehorn

This bugs antenna´s are so long they got outside my photo…..

Rain, rain go away

Today the plan was a little photo safari in a park with old, shabby buildings. Well, we started out well, we took a lot of shots of our dogs, some of the houses and of course I had to take some flower shots too. After that it started raining, well no surprise maybe since the last weeks has been quite rainy. We got soaking wet and had to go home much earlier than planned. Norwegian summer in a nut shell 😉 Have a nice week!

Nome (left) and Charlie (right) did some posing.

It was a lot of flies in the park just before the rain started.

Working ants

My peony have some visitors these days: ants. The are busy walking around on the buds and seem to be hard working. I tried to take some pictures of them.

It is time for a new week and to try to be a working ant too!

Maur på peon 1
Close up
Maur på peon 2

Lightroom editing – soft focus

I have been using Lightroom for about one year now but I still feel that I have a lot to learn. Normally I just use to fix exposure time and saturation, luminance and hue. But of course there are a lot more you can do. So to day I have played around making pictures look like they have been captured by the use of soft-filter.

I started out with two leafs that together create a heart shape.  The image to the left is the unedited picture, in the middle the image edited to strengthen the colors. The third, to the right, has got an soft focus finish.



I also wanted to test this with an other picture, a portrait of my beloved dog Charlie. I love this picture and I think the soft focus style suits the dogs mood in this moment:

Soft focus




Showing motion in photography can seem to be difficult but it dosen’t have to be. I think it is rather funny to play around and create movements in pictures. Here are some examples:

Move your camera.

You can get a lot of funny images moving your camera using a longer exposure time. Turn around, like I did in the picture above or you can just jump or lower your camera fast.


In the picture above my friend Ellen is moving slowly in to the picture (I used a tripod for this one, and 30-60 s exposure time). I think it is a spooky picture in a funny way.

My Charlie and Ellens Eri playing on the beach

In the picture with the two dogs playing  I pretended to be a sports journalist and tried to capture the speed of the dogs playing on the sandy beach. This picture is one of my favourites.

Little creatures

I am actually afraid of both ants and spiders. But this morning when I spotted a lot of busy ants on my peonys I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of them. I actually found out that they drink from the sweet droplets on the peony buds.


While photographing the busy ants I spotted a spider too, so I gave it a try. She is quite cute isn’t she? Well, I don’t know if it is  a she, but anyway …….


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