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January 2018

Goodbye January

Today is the last day of January and I have already started waiting for spring to arrive. Outside it is snowing heavily and there are no signs for spring what so ever….The whole world is monochrome grayish…oh I long for something green…..

Hengende blader



On one of my walks by the sea there is a little red cabin. It is not any architectural treasure, it has been standing there for some years and nobody has cared for it in any way. But decay can sometimes be beautiful and the shades of red in the painted layers makes a beautiful pattern together with the little window on the right.

Hus i forfall


Being an amateur photographer I take a lot of photos which has no quality what so ever, so sometimes it is necessary to tidy up in the Lightroom archive. There is no need to save photographs which cannot be used for anything and raw files do take a lot of storage. Going thorough all these photos (well I just finished march 2017) I did find some photos that actually was quite OK. Todays theme are droplets, seems to be a favorite of mine together with mushrooms and leaves.

Dråpe 1

Droplet on naked branch (winter 2017).

Dråpe 3

Droplet on moss (winter 2017), can you see the apartment building inside the droplet?

Dråpe 2

Droplet on leaf (early spring 2017).

For 2018 I probably should try not to photograph so many droplets….or…. We´ll see 😉

Have a lovely week!

Juniper and pine

During winter spruce, juniper and pine are still green and can be nice targets for some macro photography.

Juniper droplet
Juniper with droplet


Barnål med is
Frosty pine needle

The photos are from two different days this January. Juniper with droplet are from new years day, a rather warm winters day were the snow was about to melt. The frosty pine needle was captured this week were the temperature was about -3 Celsius and the sun was rising.

Color hunting

Winter in Norway can be somewhat colorless because the days are quite short (the sun is up just a few hours) and the weather can be quite grey. The snow are covering up potential targets for a macro photographer. But sometimes if you take your time to observe your surroundings you can find something unexpected.

Kjuke m dråpe
Droplet hanging from a sort of fungus on a tree log
We passed through a garden of apple trees, some apples still looked fresh

Happy New Photo Year

Todays photos is also a part of the photo series I took for the “Braking the rules” challenge (like the three photos in yesterdays post; “Trees from below”). In the two images below the object in focus is centered in the frame. Which sometimes works out quite well in my opinion but it depends of the rest of the composition of course. But I’m not an expert on the golden rules for photography and that’s why I found it difficult to break them ;-). Anyway, performing these challenges are truly a good opportunity to see things differently and learn some new approaches.

I wish you all a happy 2018!

grønt blad 1

Dråpe m bokeh

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