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December 2017

Trees from below

Today I played around in the forest taking pictures of trees from below. Lying on my back I was happy there was nobody around. the pictures are for a challenge: “Braking the rules” . I found it quite difficult because I am a lazy photographer which couldn’t care less about photographic rules 😉

I wish all of you a happy new year with a photo I have called “Forest fireworks”:

Forest fireworks

I did a few more tree photos too:



Winter and nature

Still some little treasures to be found in winter wonderland!

Bregne m snø
Fern and snow
Dråpe m bobler
Frozen droplet
Kongle m snø
Alder cones

Shape of a leaf

I love walking in the forest in winter especially when there is just a little bit of snow covering the ground. The last week it has been impossible to get around on the paths were I usually walks because it has been quite icy. But yesterday there was a snow fall and a change in temperature so today I finally was able to take a little walk. On these walks it is always interesting things to observe or photograph in the surroundings. I always get so fascinated by how the leaves curl up in different shapes when they are drying out in the autumn. Some of the leaves still are hanging on to the the branch even though it is winter and they should have fallen to the ground. They are quite beautiful I think.

Tørket løv i motlys 2
Beautiful shapes, I think.
Tørket løv i motlys
Can you see the heart?

Photo stroll – benches

Yesterday we visited friends in Fredrikstad. We went to the old town to look at the christmas market and just enjoy the environment. I just fell for some benches by the river. This is a part of my idea of learn to do something different than macro photography 😉

Hope you enjoy!

Benker i Gamlebyen 2Benker i Gamlebyen


Winter shots (from the archive).

The past weeks I have been going through all my photos in the Lightroom archive. It was time to clean up and remove some of the photos. Some of the photos got a new edition and I edited some of them for the first time. As time goes by you see new possibilities in some of the photos. So todays post are some winter shots from last winter (January 2017).

Frosted nail ed. 2
New edition
Furu kvist m rim
Frozen pine
Ice skating


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