This week I have participated in two photo challenges:

  • Natural pattern (my photo-friends at work)
  • Black and white (Imago collectico)

I feel like I am about to be a real photo nerd these days ;-). Every time I leave the house I bring my camera and I have spent a lot of time editing in Lightroom these days + I watched a webinar about Photoshop editing on Friday. Very exciting!

Lately I have been working mostly on the Natural pattern challenge, for the black and white challenge I chose a picture that was taken recently in my little garden.

Natural pattern:

The first picture is of a tree log with moss growing and making a beautiful green pattern against the pink-brownish tree log. It´s like a little forest in the forest.


The second picture is ice crystals on a little creek on the beach, I almost fell into the creek when taking the picture ;-). Both the ice and the water made nice natural patterns.


The last picture is also of a tree log with “stripes” and graphic colors. This photo is not sharp enough so I didn’t use it but I kind of liked the raw feeling of an artistic print when I lokk at it.


Black and white challenge:

For this challenge I used a photo of droplets in a feathery structure on my climbing clematis. I love the soft feeling in the picture.