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March 2017

Spring flowers – again

Last week I posted pictures of anemone hepatica and snowdrop. Well, I am sorry but this is the content of todays post too. But they are much better pictures than those two of last week so I hope it is OK anyway 😉 The hepatica buds from last week is now in full bloom and looks so pretty. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Blüveis 2snøklokke

I think they are so beautiful, but I promise to post something different next week 🙂 Have a lovely week!



I had a wonderful walk by the seaside this morning. I feel lucky living so close to the sea and to have so many possibilities for taking pictures of both the little treasures in the forest in addition to land- and seascapes. There will be no landscape pictures on the blog today, those I captured is not very presentable…. More practice needed 😉

On my walk I found some spring flowers, anemone hepatica (Hepatica nobilis) and snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). I think they are so beautiful and after a long dark winter and finally seeing some wild flowers again, it´s just so lovely. Hope you´ll find some beautiful flowers wherever you are! Have a lovely week!

Anemone hepatica – three in a row
Snowdrop by the sea


Lightroom editing – soft focus

I have been using Lightroom for about one year now but I still feel that I have a lot to learn. Normally I just use to fix exposure time and saturation, luminance and hue. But of course there are a lot more you can do. So to day I have played around making pictures look like they have been captured by the use of soft-filter.

I started out with two leafs that together create a heart shape.  The image to the left is the unedited picture, in the middle the image edited to strengthen the colors. The third, to the right, has got an soft focus finish.



I also wanted to test this with an other picture, a portrait of my beloved dog Charlie. I love this picture and I think the soft focus style suits the dogs mood in this moment:

Soft focus



Photo challenge x2

This week I have participated in two photo challenges:

  • Natural pattern (my photo-friends at work)
  • Black and white (Imago collectico)

I feel like I am about to be a real photo nerd these days ;-). Every time I leave the house I bring my camera and I have spent a lot of time editing in Lightroom these days + I watched a webinar about Photoshop editing on Friday. Very exciting!

Lately I have been working mostly on the Natural pattern challenge, for the black and white challenge I chose a picture that was taken recently in my little garden.

Natural pattern:

The first picture is of a tree log with moss growing and making a beautiful green pattern against the pink-brownish tree log. It´s like a little forest in the forest.


The second picture is ice crystals on a little creek on the beach, I almost fell into the creek when taking the picture ;-). Both the ice and the water made nice natural patterns.


The last picture is also of a tree log with “stripes” and graphic colors. This photo is not sharp enough so I didn’t use it but I kind of liked the raw feeling of an artistic print when I lokk at it.


Black and white challenge:

For this challenge I used a photo of droplets in a feathery structure on my climbing clematis. I love the soft feeling in the picture.




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