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February 2017

Winter holiday

Our girls had a week off this week, winter holiday at school, and we spent to days together. The winter weather was sparkling so it felt right to spend some times out doors. We went to Oslo just to be tourists in our own city and I tested if I could use my iPhone 7+ as a light camera when traveling. So today there are a mix of Nikon D7000 and iPhone 7+ photos in the post. I think they both work out just fine.

The other day we went for a walk along the coast line (Oslo fjord) and the light was so beautiful when we reached Sjøstrand.

Barcode in Oslo (iPhone 7+)
Detail from Barcode (iPhone 7+)
Wonderful light at Sjøstrand (NikonD7000)

Something different

I love macro photography but today I found out I had to post something different on the blog. Can´t keep you bored with my macro mania every week. Well, that doesn´t actually mean I didn’t´t take any close ups today, because I couldn’t let any chance of frosty leaves and little droplets pass by when walking the shore of the Oslo fjord 😉

When taking a walk at the Vollen beach there are boats and som maritime details which can be inspiring too. And today was a very foggy day so the colors popped as I passed by different maritime objects. I like colors almost as much as I like macro photography so todays theme are colors.

Have a nice and colorful week!


The light is back

Finally the light seems to be back for a while. So this weekend it was fun being outdoors with my dog and my camera again.

I love taking close ups of little things with the environment faded in the background and to day it was enough light to do that again. So I found some cones and placed them on a rock with green moss on the top and started shooting. I am very pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy it too.

Have a lovely week!


Snow in February

After a few weeks with rain and foggy weather and hardly any light for photography we finally got some snow to enlighten the environment.

The winter seems to stay for a few days too since the weather forecast says that it is going to be quite cold the coming days.

I should probably do something different than macro but after the landscape challenge it felt so good to concentrate on my favorite theme again 😉

Mini Norway spruce
Aspen cone

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