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January 2017

Landscape – photo challenge

This month, January, the photo challenge is landscape. Well, I think it has been a huge challenge due to different aspects like weather, were to go  and how to make the landscape interesting and not just a boring view……

The last weeks the weather has been quite grey and there has hardly been any light for landscape photography. The one day the sun was shining I managed to take a lot of pictures but none of the landscape pictures was successful. At last I did get some ok pictures even though they are taken on a very foggy day so I chose to present them in B&W mode.

The two pictures are taken from the same spot, I just turned 180 degrees.



Sparkling frost

The last weeks has been quite boring when it comes to photography. Every day has been foggy and grey. In Norway this means that there is hardly any proper light for photography. So todays picture had to be found in my archives. The image is from december on a frosty and sunny day. I hope you don´t get too bored by all my photographs of leafs but I simply love when the sun shines through the leaf so you can see the patterns in the little leaf. This one is extra pretty because of the sparkling frost on the leafs edges.

Have a nice week 🙂



At the moment I am working on a photo challenge I find quite difficult: LANDSCAPE….

Well, there are no problem to find a beautiful landscape but my challenge is to make it interesting… I have taken a lot of images but I am not sure if I am finished yet. Today I went to Vollen to practice. Not an easy task since it was a very foggy day. Maybe some of the photos are OK but I need to take a closer look and do some editing…

Meanwhile, todays post are three pictures from late autumn and early winter. I hope you enjoy them and probably I will post some landscapes later 😉

Have a nice week!

Dried flower
Fading maple leaf
Frosted rowan leaf

Gems and pearls in the forest

When winter finally arrived there were treasures to be found in the forest.

Frozen droplets on spruce
Half frozen droplet in moss

Sunny sunday

This morning my friend Milla and I went on a Sunday trip in to the woodlands on a little photo-safari. We drove up to Solli and walked in to a little place called Myggheim. Then we walked up to a little lake – Sandungen. It was quite icy on the paths through the woos so we took the same way back. The sun was shining and the snow sparkled – finally the winter has arrived. It was such a beautiful day 🙂

I hope you enjoy my winter pictures!

Frozen nail on a cottage – Myggheim


Sunny Sandungen
Traces – maybe a fox?


Hello 2017

A new year is born. It is always exciting to start a new year, it is like a new chapter in the book of life. I hope I can be a better and healthier person and hopefully I can be become a better photographer as well. I will do my best and today I was out practicing and  the color theme somehow became red 😉

I wish you the best for 2017!


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