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December 2016

Goodbye 2016

So this will be the last post in 2016. I should of course have posted a picture of a sparkling Norwegian winter landscape, but since there are still no snow I keep on with macros with a tiny taste of winter.





Christmas Holiday

My plan was off course to post some photos of the snow covered leafs, trees and maybe some frozen moss or mushrooms. Well there didn’t come any Christmas snow this year. And I came up with a cold so I haven´t been out photographing either. So I found some other pictures, from November and December, of motifs I love to photograph: mushrooms, droplets and moss. Hopefully there will be some winter pictures later. Keep on enjoying your hollidays!



Where I grew up

Last Saturday we went to visit my mother. She still lives in the same place were I grew up (a different house though). This saturday it had been snowing before we arrived and we went for a little walk in the rather foggy weather. Of course I took some pictures of the snow covered foggy landscape which was my playground when I was a little girl.



Inside the droplets

The last weeks I have been hunting the forest for small mushrooms and droplets. I found a lot of both. There is a little world inside of some of the droplets. The pictures are heavily blowed up but it is fun anyway. Have a nice week 🙂


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