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November 2016

Close up



Mushrooms in november

This week passed by and I was still sick (migraine, I hate it). The doctor told me to stay home and relax and go for walks. So I did relax and forced myself outdoors for walks everyday of the week. The camera was on my shoulder and Charlie came along too. So the result was a lot of pictures even though I just went for walks in my neighborhood as I was too sick to go on more exciting places by car. It had to be simple. Well, the same walk for three days….I just had to be creative. Surprisingly new things appeared on each walk, and the weather was changing so every day gave a different light. Todays theme is mushrooms. There are still a lot of mushrooms even thoughh it is winter now (I have a few more I will post later).

Color bomb

Photo challenge is fun and it forces you to think out of the box and it also makes you improve as a photographer. I love macro photography and this challenge came when the nature was dressed in it´s most beautiful colors, so I tried to take colorful macro pictures of leafs. Here are some examples:

When this challenge was on I went up in the mountains at Ble with my friend Ellen, I hoped for some beautiful autumn colors. Well, on saturday morning we woke up and it was snowing outside. But I found some color bombs anyway, vibrant red lingonberries with snow (the same picture as the one I posted last week in “Snow – winter is on a visit”). To make the berries act more like a “bomb” of color I removed any color in the picture except red (in Lightroom). Here´s the result:


Next months challenge is “bokeh” and at this moment I have no idea how to solve that challenge yet 🙂


Just outside my house

I have been sick for a few days and lying on the couch relaxing is OK but after two days it gets boring. Actually boring is a good thing, it means you are getting better. So this friday when I woke up late in the morning, sleeping of the headache, I found the sun was shining. I just had to get out with my camera. Luckily I didn´t have to go so very far. Just outside my door a lot of red leafs was ready to be photographed 😉



Snow – winter is on a visit

This weekend we got a lot of snow here in Asker. It is a bit early compared to the last years. So I don´t think the snow will last for more than a few days, it will melt and november rain will take over. I am not very fond of winter but snow is much better than rainy and dark november days. We´ll see what it will be.

Todays photo is of lingonberries from Ble a few weeks ago when I was on a visit in the mountains (1000 m above sea level).

Have a nice day!


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