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August 2016


Showing motion in photography can seem to be difficult but it dosen’t have to be. I think it is rather funny to play around and create movements in pictures. Here are some examples:

Move your camera.

You can get a lot of funny images moving your camera using a longer exposure time. Turn around, like I did in the picture above or you can just jump or lower your camera fast.


In the picture above my friend Ellen is moving slowly in to the picture (I used a tripod for this one, and 30-60 s exposure time). I think it is a spooky picture in a funny way.

My Charlie and Ellens Eri playing on the beach

In the picture with the two dogs playing  I pretended to be a sports journalist and tried to capture the speed of the dogs playing on the sandy beach. This picture is one of my favourites.


Little Things

My favourite thing to do is finding little things and make close-up pictures (macro). You never have to wonder what to photograph, there will always be little things just around you where ever you are. So og and find the little things and take your camera with you! 🙂

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Lofoten is an adventure. The landscapes with high mountains all around and deep valleys with small fisher villages. I’ve been there some years ago and I will return, for sure.

Vegaøyan – The Vega archipelago

We have been to the Vega islands on holiday a several times. My husband is born there but this is not the only reason why we like to spend time there. The island is very beautyful with beautyful beaches, landscapes and some small mountains tops too (about 700 m). It is also listed on the Unesco World Heritage List. This summer we spent a week in Our family cabin on the island. Beeing in a beautyful place one must take som pictures and here are some:

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