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July 2016

Visiting Trondheim

This summer we went on a trip to Northern Norway and Lofoten. The first stop was Trondheim. The photos shows old (restored) and new storehouses by the river  Nidelven in the city of Trondheim. The red storehouse on the picture to the left is the same storehouse as shown in the picture to the right.

Trondheim is a beautyful city and the storehouses (new and restored side by side) on both sides of the river Nidelven is a great place for photgraphers.

Later I will post more pictures from some of the different places we visited on our summer trip to Lofoten.


Summer holiday :-)

Finally it’s time for some days off. After a quite busy spring and early summer it feels so good to finally go on a summer vacation. I am not sure if I will post anything during the next two weeks, it depends. But I promise I will post a lot of pictures when I am back from Vega and Lofoten in the Northern part of Norway (the light in this part of Norway is perfect for photography).

I wish you all a happy summer time 🙂

A little bumblebee is visiting my lavender.

In to the woods

It has been a while since I took my camera for a walk in the woodlands. Yesterday was all filled up with rain and it was too much rain for such a trip. Today was a bit more sunny and I went for a walk in to the woods.

I love all the beautyful flowers in the forest and little mushrooms are popping up everywhere. Wild strawberries are also ripe and butterflies and bumblebees are working hard to get by.

Flowers of today:

Some insects:

Wild berries and mushrooms:


Little flower

A little flower in my little garden, Sempervirvum.

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