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April 2016

Anemone nemorosa

I love this time of the year when the forest is full of green buds and lovely spring flowers. Especially the wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa) because they are covering the ground like a white and green carpet.


By the seaside

This evening I went for a walk with a good friend. This walk by the Oslo fjord (Høvik) is one of my favourites. Here are a few pictures from this evening walk.

The colour is blue

It’s sunday

the colour of sunday is blue

Think happy thoughts

think blue!!!

                            Angie F. 2016


Little mushroom

Found this little mushroom in the forest today.

Little mushroom.


Sundays are quiet days and I love that. But it is soon monday and I get a kind of sunday blues. I wish for some more relaxing days but tomorrow it is work day and four more days to follow after that.

Today was a rainy, grey and foggy day and I struggled to find good photo motives but I always come up with something. Todays pictures is not so exciting but have a look anyway and enjoy. The theme is droplets.

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