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March 2016

Easter Holiday

Just before Easter I bought my self a new lens for my camera. The plan was to test a lot during the Easter Holidays. For many years ago (before digital cameras) my favourite lens was a macro lens. So buying a 40 mm close up lens now after just beeing used too 105 mm and 200 mm require some testing. So to day i present the best shots so far.


Hepatica nobilis

One of the first flowers to blossom during early spring here in Norway. I think they are quite beautiful.

Spring flowers

I just love flower photography and now that spring is here there will be a lot of flowers on this blog.

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis)

By the sea

A greyish and foggy sunday by the Oslo fjord in Asker (Leangbukta).


China dreams

11 years ago we adopted our youngest daughter from China. We spent 14 days in China for paperwork and formalities before we could take her home to Norway. Since she was about three years old she use to say that she would travel to China when we asked where she would like spend her summer holidays. Two years ago we finally travelled to China for our summer holidays. We spent two weeks in Shanghai, Beijing and Mutianyu (here we rented a house). I wish to go back some day 🙂 Here are a few of my favourite Pictures from that trip.


In the neighbourhood

Taking the dogs out for a walk I also took the camera with me hoping to find some exciting motives in the neighbourhood. It was snowing and the sky was quite grey, I hoped to find something colourful. The colours of to day is red and green 🙂


Red rose hip



Green moss

Minimalist photo

After this months photo challenge in my photo club I think I found a theme I would like to explore more; minimalist photo. Though i found it a bit difficult to find a suitable motive, it was an inspiring task and I think it makes me more creative looking for interesting motives.

The Picture below is taken on a snowy day in Mo i Rana in northern Norway.


Havmannen, Mo i Rana in northern Norway


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