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February 2016

Sunny sunday

The sun was inviting us out for a walk by the seaside to day. My plan was to take a lot of Pictures. But I got heavy migraine and Lars had to go to get the car and drive me home. I then spent a few hours in bed sleeping in stead of praising the sun. So, that’s life.

Here’s one of the pictures I shot to day.

A sunny day at Spira bukta (the Oslo fjord)

Foggy view

I am happy that Winter soon is leaving so that Spring can come on a little visit. Winter can be beautyful and this Picture shows that late Winter can be quite mysterious too.

DSC_7464 (2)


I love the shape and texture of these lamps at Oslo Central Station.


Finding interesting motives

As a step to become a better photographer I have started to always take my camera with me almost wherever I go. Finding motives, even in a boring environment, is something I have to be better at. After watching some tutorials made by Mike Browne on YouTube I got some inspiration. So here are the results from this weekend, well there are a few others too but they are a part of the february challenge in the photo-club I have together with some of my colleagues at work. Maybe I will post them later 🙂


I love to take Pictures but I have never tried to photograph at night before. This january I went out one evening to try to take Pictures in the dark (Asker by night wasn’t actually so very dark…). It was actually quite fun and I got a lot of ideas, so I would love to try it again. Here are a few of the pictures from my first time of night-photography 😉


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