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Summer in Stockholm

Todays post is some photos from a little trip to Stockholm  my friend, Jorunn, and I did a couple of weeks ago. The sun was shining and we really got that summer  feeling.

Stockholm sykkel
On our way to Monteliusvägen.
Stockholm smug
Empty street in Gamlastan
Stockholm fontene
Water fountain in Gamlastan

Yellow waterlily

I love waterlilies, they are so beautiful and mysterious  as they grow in very deep water and can have stems up to two meters long. I have posted white waterlilies in earlier posts so today I give you a kind of an abstract photo of a yellow waterlily. The shot is from Lillomarka in Oslo.

Have a lovely week!

Gul vanlilje

A trip to Lofoten islands – Heningsvær

Henningsvær is a little fishing village about half an hours car drive from Svolvær. A lot of tourists visit this little village to watch the typical fishing village architecture.

Henningsvær 2
Henningsvær – a traditional fishing village
Henningsvær 3
Sea house just outside Henningsvær
Henningsvær 4
A cosy corner of Henningsvær

A trip to Lofoten islands – Svolvær

As a part of our summer holiday we spent a few days in the Lofoten islands. We rented a boat house in Svolvær (Svinøya). Svolvær is a beautiful town situated just below the famous rock formation “Svolværgeita” (the Svolvær goat). Svolvær is a popular place to visit for tourists from all over the world and a lot of them arrive with a Norwegian cruise ship called “Hurtigruta”. “Hurtigruta travels the Norwegian coastline from Bergen and all the way up to Tromsø.

We visited a few more places too, which I will write about in later posts. Meanwhile please enjoy the photos from Svolvær.

Svolværgeita in the fog
Svinøya 1
View from Svinøya just outside Svolvær

By the sea (Stavern, southern Norway)

The last week I spent in Stavern, together with my family. This is a beautiful little town by the Oslofjord. In the summer the little town are packed with tourists, some of them arrives by sailboat from Denmark, Germany and Holland. Mostly the town are packed with Norwegians who has their summer houses in the area.

I decided to try to photograph my surroundings on this trip. I also decided I should try some long exposure shots.

I hope you enjoy my experiments.

Båter i Stavern 2
Boats in the sunset with moon
Mølen LE
Mølen (long exposure)
Stavern LE
Stavern (long exposure)


In to the woods

This summer is a rather special one in Norway since we have had sunshine for almost two months now. We haven’t had any rain for these two months either. So walking in the forest is not as fun as i used to be, there are almost no flowers and the creeks are all dried out. So macro shoots of flowers can hardly be done this summer.

The forest is still kind of beautiful and the spruce is green all year.

Into the woods

Have a nice week!

Water lily

Todays photo is of a water lily growing in a little pond in Lillomarka in Oslo. I think they are so beautiful, floating on the surface of a mysterious black pond in the woodlands.

Waterlily Lillomarka

A day in Lillomarka

Last sunday morning I went to Oslo and Solemskogen for a hike in Lillomarka with my friend Rachmilla. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. Actually a little to bright for photographers but we went on a photo safari anyway.

Rachmilla looking for something to capture (shot with my iPhone 7+)

We passed some small ponds with water lillys and dragonflies swirling around. Too difficult to shoot the dragonflies, I tried for a while but they cannot stand still long enough ;-).

I spent some times photographing little spiders on flowers in stead. Fascinating. I accidentally watched as one of the spiders killed an other insect. A bit scary, but off course spiders need  food too.

Edderkopp i Lillomarka
Spider hunting from a moorland spotted orchid.

It was a lovely hike in the woods. Hopefully I will go back another time soon for more interesting objects to photograph. Hopefully a day just after the rain has stopped or maybe a foggy morning in September? We´ll see….



Oslo Operahouse is a popular place to visit for tourists so it is almost always crowded with people. I went there on saturday to try to shoot some photos for a photo challenge, the theme was “The color White”. The opera house in Oslo is a white building, so I went to take some architecture shots. I felt quite lucky when this lovely couple passed me on the roof, she in a white dress and a lovely hat. I followed them for a little while (on a distance of course) and took some shots. Todays post is the one shot that I think was the best one.

Par på Operataket

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